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The International Mathematical Modeling Challenge,
IM2C - An Announcement and an Invitation

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The 2024 International Mathematical Modeling Challenge, IM2C dates are set for February 12 - April 29, 2024

The 2023 International Mathematical Modeling Challenge, IM2C results are now available.


The purpose of the IM2C is to promote the teaching of mathematical modeling and applications at all educational levels for all students. It is based on the firm belief that students and teachers need to experience the power of mathematics to help better understand, analyze and solve real world problems outside of mathematics itself – and to do so in realistic contexts. The Challenge has been established in the spirit of promoting educational change.

For many years there has been an increased recognition of the importance of mathematical modeling from universities, government, and industry. Modeling courses have proliferated in undergraduate and graduate departments of mathematical sciences worldwide. Several university modeling competitions are growing and flourishing. Yet at the school level there are only a few such competitions with many fewer students, even amid signs of the growing recognition of modeling’s centrality.

One important way to influence secondary school culture, and teaching and learning practices, is to institute a high-level, prestigious new secondary school contest – one that will have both national and international recognition. We have therefore founded the International Mathematical Modeling Challenge (IM2C).

This is a true team competition, held over a number of days with students able to use any inanimate resources. Real problems require a mix of different kinds of mathematics for their analysis and solution. And real problems take time and teamwork. The IM2C provides students with a deeper experience both of how mathematics can explain our world and what working with mathematics looks like.

Plans for 2024:

We are inviting countries to choose up to two teams of up to four students with one teacher/faculty advisor. The contest will begin in early-February and end in early-May. During that time teams choose five (5) consecutive days to work together on the problem. All solutions must be sent in by the faculty advisor, who must certify that the students followed the rules of the contest. (See Instructions/Rules for a more detailed discussion of the challenge rules).

Papers will be judged in June by the international expert panel and winners announced by late-June. Papers will be designated as Outstanding, Meritorious, Honorable Mention, and Successful Participant with appropriate plaques and certificates given in the name of students their advisor and their schools.

IM2C will make resources available to schools and countries/regions of the top teams to allow them to fund local ceremonies which they can schedule as their situations permit.

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